Gamecity: Mission

Gamecity:Hamburg is committed to ensuring optimum location conditions for Hamburg-based companies from digital entertainment industry. Gamecity:Hamburg helps these companies to develop collaborations and explore new business segments.

Harbor of the games industry

The network, which comprises around 2.000 participants, offers a comprehensive range of services for the local industry and companies interested in Hamburg as a location. These include industry meetings, joint trade fair presentations, affordable office spaces, advisory services for start-ups, as well as training programmes and various types of knowledge transfer.

The network itself, related collaboration opportunities, links with the media and IT industries as well as the range of sector-specific support services make Hamburg one of Germany’s leading games locations.

Making money is child's play

The game industry is a pioneer of digitisation: There is hardly any other branch where economic and creative successes are so tightly intertwined with the digitisation of the content and sales as well as the increasing cross-linking of media use. This makes cooperations and synergies between the computer branch and the media, IT and creative companies that are relevant to you all the more important.

Hamburg offers an excellent environment as a highly innovative media and digital location that can also look back on a long tradition as a commercial city. That is why it is only logical that Hamburg has gained the reputation of “game city”. In the last few years the games branch has grown to be a prospering economic cluster here with about 200 companies, including an impressive number of innovative content companies and service providers that have adopted the games topic. This means that games have become an important factor in the media location Hamburg.

For the first time this website provides an overview of all the companies in Hamburg that are active along the entire value-creation games chain. It provides an informative overview for investors and potential cooperation partners. It showcases the impressive variety of the players, as well as the specific expertise of the merchant city Hamburg to earn money with content in a digital environment.

Dr. Carsten Brosda

State Secretary for Culture, Media & Digital Affairs
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg


The Gamecity:Hamburg

Gamecity:Hamburg Team
gamecity:Hamburg: Dennis Schoubye, Annika Heilmann, Anna Jäger, René Leck

Project Manager Dennis Schoubye, is extensively connected in the Hamburg games industry and beyond and he knows the requirements and challenges of this market. Previously, he served as an experienced communications consultant for leading game developers as well as digital companies and start-ups during his role at several PR agencies.

Project assistant Annika Heilmann, a game design student at the University of Applied Science Europe.

Communications manager Anna Jäger, previously a media designer in Hamburg and a passionate gamer.

Event manager René Leck, an event and sound engineer, who is active in the Hamburg indie game scene with his own game studio.

Around 4000 Jobs
Germany's leading game hot spot

Our region is the economic centre of Northern Germany. Ideas are worth money in Hamburg. A strong and diversified economic structure and a vibrant start-up ecosystem provide a good basis for successfully implementing ideas. Launched in 2003, the project gamecity:Hamburg supports businesses from Hamburg´s gaming industry. The network was founded with the intention of developing Hamburg as an attractive location for the games industry. Since the launch the number of jobs in the value chain of games has increased from 800 to more than 4000 with a good 200 businesses in the segment.

Five of the ten largest German game companies (Big Point, Daedalic, Gamigo, InnoGames, Goodgame Studios; in alphabetical order) according the number of employees in Germany were founded in the gamecity:Hamburg.

There is no other German city, where media companies are as dominant and profitable as in Hamburg. As content city, Hamburg actively shapes the transformation of the media and digital industry. In Hamburg, innovative business models fall on fertile ground – enriched by creativity and strong merchant spirit. And it is not without reason that leading Internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Adobe Systems Engineering, Dropbox, Twitter, Twitch, Hootsuite, Yelp and Snap Inc. decided to choose Hamburg for headquarters in Germany.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region is one of the most competitive regions in Germany or Europe. Some 5 million people live and work here, at the interface of major European transport axes between Scandinavia, West, East and Southern Europe. Blessed with the best infrastructure, a skilled workforce, innovative companies and research institutes at the leading edge of their disciplines, the economy continues on its growth trend. Attracted by high quality of life, the population has grown by 2.3 per cent since 2001 to more than 4.3 million.

The creative minds of the gamectiy:Hamburg

Leaders of the local games industry tell you why the gamecity:Hamburg is the place to be.

Hamburg stands like no other city in Europe for innovative online games. Three of the top 5 game companies are founded and still based here in Hamburg. This gives plenty of opportunities for creative startups, media industry and investors. Additional this drives for years a lot of young talents from all over the world to Hamburg.
Heiko Hubertz, Founder Bigpoint
Bytro, founded in Freiburg, relocated to Hamburg deliberately as we feel the city is singularly suited to our needs. We develop browser games, and this is the world’s browser games capital, giving us lots of industry peers to network with. Also, Hamburg is a major help in our constant quest for exceptionally talented employees. German and international candidates alike are usually quite willing to move here as the city has a strong name in the games industry.
Felix Faber, Founder Bytro Labs
Hamburg is a central hub of the German games industry. It offers a high density of highly qualified human resources and furthermore, initiatives such as gamecity:Hamburg offer additional locational advantages. This combination makes Hamburg a prime location which we have consciously chosen as our headquarter. Nevertheless, there is still potential for funding and support of developers and publishers through local government.
Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO & Founder of Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
Hamburg is one of the leading IT and media sites in Germany and a metropolis for a great number of established players in the games business as well as for young developers. The tight-knit media landscape allows for substantial synergies that enable the gamigo group to boost its growth both in Europe and beyond. We are glad to exhibit at the gamescom 2016 along with participants like gamecity:Hamburg, to welcome new contacts, and to extend established partnerships.
Remco Westermann, CEO of gamigo AG
My brother and me were raised in Hamburg. It’s a vibrant place with a laid-back, cosmopolitan flair and talented people from around the world – it was never a question for us where to found Goodgame Studios. We are convinced that Hamburg is the best place for a successful company like ours.
Kai Wawrzinek, Founder Good Games
gamecity:Hamburg’s informal meetups and workshops as well as the annual Hamburg Games Conference lead to the exchange of new ideas, acquisition of new pro-jects and encounters with future employees. Startups and renowned companies both profit from the excellent infrastructure in different ways. Simply put, Hamburg is the place to be. We are proud to be part of the community.
Dr. Christian Rauda, Partner at media law firm GRAEF Rechtsanwälte and author of the book "Law of Computer Games"
The city of Hamburg identified the high market potential for games at a very early stage. We are located in this area since our foundation because it is a metropolis which attracts people from all over the world and supports both our company values as well as our strategic goals. Since we are a globally-minded company, we have placed hiring an international mix of professionals as a high priority for us.
Hendrik Klindworth, CEO of InnoGames
Developing video games is extremely challenging and an intensive creative team effort. The more important it is that everyone enjoys the place to work at and the city to live in. This is where Hamburg shines the most: It simply is the most beautiful city in Germany. Not too big or too small, lots of green areas, waters you can even sail on, it is clean and safe, it got an international vibe for hundreds of years because of its harbor and that’s also why we got such a buzzing night live.
Michael Schade, CEO & Co-Founder of Rockfish Games
Being a grand-grand cousin of German singer and actor Hans Albers I’m amazed to see that Hamburg is also in the 21th century the entertainment harbor of Germany! The success of THREAKS would not have been possible without the hanseatic understanding for international business and digital creativity. We’re proud to be part of this heritage with the awarded Beatbuddy and more games to come.
Wolf Lang, THREAKS – Co-Founder and Design Director

Projects and collaborations
of Gamecity:Hamburg

Since its foundation in 2003, the network has developed a comprehensive package of measures aimed at promoting Hamburg’s gaming industry.

Gamecity Treff & Gamecity Night
Gamecity Treff is the regular get-together for the North German games industry. As well as including a brief kick-off discussion on current issues from the industry, Gamecity Treff is all about networking and new collaboration opportunities. Yet the event also goes beyond games topics, as the declared goal is to promote business contacts across all branches of the economy. Gamecity Treff is held four times a year, and participants are asked to sign up in advance. Another event hosted by gamecity:Hamburg is Gamecity Night, an exclusive evening function that is hosted every year. The event caters for stakeholders from the local games industry as well as international guests.
Together go Gamescom
Joint stands at important fairs such as the gamescom enable smaller businesses in particular to participate in major events while keeping their expenditures low. Trade fairs provide participants with opportunities for developing and fostering international business contacts. At the leading trade fair gamescom, which is held annually in Cologne, a joint Hamburg stand provides approximately 300 square metres of exhibition space for young enterprises and established companies alike.
Hamburg Games Conference
The Hamburg Games Conference, an interdisciplinary event for the games industry, was initiated by the law firm GRAEF Rechtsanwälte. The aim is to discuss the games industry’s diverse facets, while focussing on a different topic during each conference, and to identify the potential for collaboration with other branches of the media and entertainment industry. gamecity:Hamburg has been a longtime supporter of this event.
With its gamecity:Port project, Hamburg was the first of Germany’s federal states to respond to the specific, flexible needs of this growing industry. gamecity:Port offers a total of 16 offices at reasonable rates, and contracts can be terminated with only one month's notice. This prevents small businesses, self-employed persons, indie developers and start-ups from being burdened by rental costs during a downturn. Additional offices can be found in this list.
Gamecity lab
GamecityLab is a joint project with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). It serves as a networking platform for regional companies involved in computerised game manufacturing in the broadest sense. For the purpose of promoting young talent as part of this collaboration, a games module of a master's programme has also been established at the Faculty of Design, Media and Information (DMI). In addition to its collaboration with HAW, the network also fosters relations with other industry-related universities such as the SAE Institute Hamburg, the Macromedia University, and the University of Applied Sciences Wedel.
As one of its key tasks, gamecity:Hamburg disseminates information through their own as well as external communication channels. In addition to newsletters and its own Facebook and Twitter profiles, targeted public relations ensure that the industry and/or individual companies and representatives will find their way into the daily media and trade publications.

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