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Acquiring customers effectively and addressing them professionally

Acquiring customers effectively and addressing them professionally
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstraße 41-43
20457 Hamburg
Friday, 11.10.2019 - 10:00h


In this workshop, the most important acquisition methods and strategies for successful customer acquisition will be presented.

To whom do I offer my creative service or product? How do I attract the attention of my target customers? how do I get more custormers if I don't like cold calling? Which social media channels can support my acquisition?

The participants work on their most important marketing instruments: They train a convincing profile, check their offer in comparison with the suitable markets and develop an individual acquisition strategy for their individual creative business.


What are the contents and what do I learn?

  • What is my message in customer interaction?
  • Developing the own portfolio, the target group and the customer benefit
  • Which acquisition methods online and offline make sense for my creative business?
  • How do I communicate my offer on the different channels?
  • Self-maketing for creative professionals
  • Preparation and training of the acquisition meeting
  • Dealing with excuses and objections - argumentation aids
  • Developing an acqusition strategy for my own creative company


Who's the speaker?

Susanne Diemann is a freelance designer with many years of experience in product and interior design. She develops room concepts and interior decorations for corporate events and photo shoots. Her clients are companies in the private sector, magazine publishers and agencies in the advertising and PR sector. Since 2008 Susanne Diemann has been teaching professional success factors for creative professions at various universities. She regularly holds lectures and workshops with a wide variety of institutions for founders and self-employed soloists in the creative industries. Susanne diemann is admitted an expert in the BGA Bundesgründerinnenagentur and the Hmaburger Existenzgründungsinitiative and advises small companies and start-ups in the creative business.


Participation costs € 85,00 (plus Eventbrite fees and taxes).

The event will be held in German.


10:00h - 18:00h

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstraße 41-43
20457 Hamburg


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