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Legal advice on internet law by Cyber Law Clinic

Legal advice on internet law by Cyber Law Clinic
Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Hongkongstraße 5
20457 Hamburg
Wednesday, 15.01.2020 - 17:00h

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The entry into self-employment but also the daily working practice of the self-employed in the creative economy is connected with several decisions which also include legal dimensions.

Often a lawyer is not immediately needed, but where else is there reliable information? Books and colleagues may be able to help, but the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft can provide an initial orientation in this case, but cannot and should not replace legal advice.

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft would like to support solo self-employed people, founders, start-ups, smaller agencies, etc. to be able to behave legally secure.

Therefore, in cooperation with the Cyber Law Clinic of the Faculty of Law (University of Hamburg), it offers free student legal advice on questions relating to the Internet.

Presentation, sales, and communication via the Internet raise many questions in the working practice, which can be dealt with within the context of this offer, for example:

  • How do I legally operate an online shop?
  • Do I need terms and conditions in any case?
  • What has to be considered in the imprint and do I also need an imprint for my Facebook presence?
  • How do I protect my creative work on the Internet?
  • What does the correct use of creative services of others on own blog or own website look like?

Disputes about domain names and account grabbing, liability of a platform operator, content theft and other copyright infringements are typical topics raised by the use of the Internet and in particular the social media. As a rule, these are initially legal uncertainties, the need for clarification and not immediately a full-blown legal dispute, which must be the subject of legal advice from a lawyer.

On this date, students of law, guided by experienced lawyers, will be available at the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft for questions and orientation.

The Cyber Law Clinic is a project of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hamburg. The students advise people seeking advice under the guidance of a lawyer. The aim is to have the students practice early on.

The Cyber Law Clinic explicitly deals with the law on the Internet. The topics are spread over all areas of law and all areas of life. Every social group is affected and the amount in dispute is often small so that lawyers cannot deal with the facts of the case. The questions raised are dynamic and often have a new face next month. Consequently, there is a need for advice on the part of users. There is no better way for students to learn legal matters hand in hand with practice than on the Internet.

Further information on the "what and how" of a law clinic can be found at Cyber Law Clinic


This event is free of charge and will be held in German.

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Register here

17:00h - 19:00h

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Hongkongstraße 5
20457 Hamburg


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