Creative Gaming Awards 2020 - Apply now


Get the title Most Innovative Game or Most Creative Newcomer!

Submit your game now for the "Creative Gaming Awards" for the PLAY - Creative Gaming Festival.  

The submissions are open until July 31 for indie games or creative media productions in the categories Most Creative Game and Most Innovative Newcomer!

The Most Creative Game award aims for experienced indie developers, who have developed video games before. Applicants can submit finished projects and beta versions.  

The Most Innovative Newcomer aims for students and indie developers who have not published a video game before. The applicants can submit alpha and beta versions as well as prototypes.  


Apply now on the PLAY20 Award website.    


The festival under this year's motto "Exploring Borders" will take place on November 4-8, 2020, and will be presented in a new form with accessibility through online rooms all over the world. 

Where does a game end, where does the real world begin? What are invisible lines, obstacles, and limitations in games and beyond? We will find out at the PLAY20 festival.    



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