European Games Coffee - Introduction to the EU funding for games


How can I get my game funded by the EU? This event will give answers and guidelines about the EU funding for games.

How can I get my game funded by the EU?

Christiane Siemen and Lisa Emer from Creative Europe Desk Hamburg will explain the guidelines and “dos & don’ts” of the Creative Europe MEDIA games funding.

The presentation is followed by an insight talk by Heiner Schmidt from Crazy Bunch who will give valuable information about Crazy Bunch's journey with their game "Faith Odyssey" and how they got their game funded by the EU. 

A Q&A session will round up the meeting.

Since 2014 the European Union has supported the games industry in the development of its narrative games.

Narrative storytelling means - in the MEDIA context - that the story runs through the entire game (in-game storytelling) and is not only an introduction or an ending to the game. The video game must be intended for a commercial release.


Applying is complex, that is why the Creative Europe Desk Hamburg offers free advice and support throughout the application process.


This event is open to game developers with a narrative games project in development and open to interested professionals from the games industry.


More information about the funding in German: LINK

More information in English: LINK

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