Road to GAMEVENTION 2019 - gamecity:Hamburg supports Indie studios/ developers!


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Duration of the application: 18.10. - 28.10. Please apply here: Application

gamecity:Hamburg supports up to four Hamburg developers, indie and newcomer teams to exhibit their game at the GAMEVENTION on November 23 and 24, 2019. Each team will receive an Indie Spot at the Indieville of the GAMEVENTION. If more than four submissions meet all requirements, a jury consisting of employees from gamecity:Hamburg will decide on the granting on the basis of the criteria:

The developer's/studio's need for support, production values of the current playable version, suitability of the game for presentation at a consumer trade exhibition and topicality of the game title shown.

All developers, indie- and newcomer teams, that

  • have their headquarters in Hamburg.
  • have a playable version of their title or published their game in 2019.
  • are able to provide a playable version or video of the game for the USK classification by November 1 or already have a USK classification for their game (There are no costs for the applicants).
  • will be able to show their game/prototype at the Gamevention on November 23 and 24.

The Indie Spot includes:

  • 1 Table element
  • 1 Wall element
  • 1 Foil print 0,5 m²
  • Booth Space

Exhibiting teams have to bring hardware and monitors.


Deadline for all submissions is October 28!

Questions for submission can be sent to


Please apply here: Application FORM




Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash

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