More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Corona Crisis: Additional federal short-term financial assistance

Who is eligible for the federal short-term financial assistance?

For funding are eligible, among others: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), sole proprietorships, and members of the self-employed professions whose turnover in April and May 2020 collectively fell by at least 40 to 60 percent compared to the same months of the previous year in April and May 2019.

If this applies, the Federal Government will grant you a non-repayable subsidy for the months June to August 2020 in the amount of

  • 80 percent of the fixed costs in the event of a more than 70 percent decline in sales
  • 50 percent in case of a decline between 50 and 70 percent
  • 40 percent in case of a decline between 40 and under 50 percent

Fixed costs include

  • Rent and lease of buildings
  • Interest expenses
  • Expenses for electricity, water, heating,...
  • Insurance
  • Costs for tax consultants and auditors incurred in connection with the application for Corona stop-aid gaps
  • Costs for trainees
  • Personnel expenses not covered by short-time working allowances at a flat rate of 10%.

The total sum is calculated as follows:

  • The maximum grant is 150,000 euros for three months
  • For companies with up to five employees, the maximum reimbursement amount is 9,000 euros for three months
  • For companies with up to ten employees, the maximum reimbursement amount is 15,000 euros for three months
  • In justified exceptional cases - small enterprises with very high fixed costs - these maximum amounts may be exceeded.

The total funding volume amounts to 25 billion euros. So if you are in need, apply for the funds together with a tax consultant or an auditor before the funds are exhausted.

Find out more details and how to apply at the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Check out the Corona aid information page at Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft for more information about additional programs.


Games Lift - What's in a workshop

Good workshops are hard to find. In the Games Lift incubator, they are a main attraction of the program. It’s seasoned game devs giving personal advice to a small group. But there is a crinkle: Because of the pandemic, this time around all talks and workshops of the Games Lift Incubator are being held remotely.

Application for Gamecity Hamburg program "Games Transfer" now possible

In order to increase the visibility of current game projects and to support the initiation of new business contacts, Gamecity Hamburg now promotes participation in online and in-person events for game developers and studios from Hamburg with the program "Games Transfer".

The Games Lift Incubator starts now. What does it incubate, exactly?

As another important program to support up-and-coming game developers and the games ecosystem in Hamburg, our Games Lift Incubator finally lifts off. Time for a quick inventory: What does the program do? What does it hope to achieve? We asked Gamecity Hamburg’s project manager Margarete Schneider to get us into the details of this new incubation program.

Survey: How are the media and creative industries doing in Hamburg?

How are the media and creative industries doing in Hamburg? What influence does the covid-19 pandemic have on media and creative companies, how does it affect business and companies‘ requirements? What do you expect in relation to the media location Hamburg?

"REPTRAILS - Save the FRD" - Interview with developer Torsten Fock-Herde

We talked with developer Torsten Fock-Herde about their upcoming game REPTRAILS - Save the FRD and the ongoing crowdfunding project.

Games Lift: these 5 games projects will be supported in Batch 1

The participants for the first batch of the new "Games Lift" Incubator by Gamecity Hamburg have been selected

9 game studios and Gamecity Hamburg at the digital gamescom 2020

The first purely digital gamescom opens its doors from August 27 to 30. Internet users worldwide will have the opportunity to experience the newly developed Indie Arena Booth Online for the first time.

Mind the Progress congress 2020 as podcast

As the annual Mind the Progress congress by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in co-operation with nextMedia.Hamburg cannot take place in its usual form this year, a completely new alternative was found to provide interested members of especially, but not exclusively, the creative industries with an understanding and a discussion of topics concerning digital change in the modern age.

Road to gamescom 2020: Gamecity Hamburg supports 9 Hamburg-based teams

These teams will receive a digital booth and more at the Indie Arena Booth Online.

Games Lift Incubator: Ed Valiente, Rebecca Lautner, Arno Heinisch and more are on board

In the past weeks and months we have built up a workshop and mentoring program for our Games Lift Incubator.

What is the Games Lift Incubator and why should you participate?

Margarete Schneider explains what it's all about.

Creative Gaming Awards 2020 - Apply now

Get the title Most Innovative Game or Most Creative Newcomer!

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