More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

gamecity:Hamburg mit erfolgreichem Messeauftritt auf der gamescom 2019

Sieben Hamburger Unternehmen und Start-ups präsentierten sich auf dem gamecity:Hamburg Gemeinschaftsstand auf der gamescom 2019. Mehr als 500 Gäste begrüßte gamecity:Hamburg bei zwei Events am vergangenen Dienstag – dem Fischbrötchenempfang auf dem Messestand und dem ersten Games Compass Hamburg auf der gamescom, der gemeinsam mit InnoGames veranstaltet wurde.

Die Hamburger Spielebranche präsentierte sich mit innovativen Newcomern und starken Unternehmen auf der größten Computer- und Videospielmesse der Welt in Köln. Zum ersten Mal lud gamecity:Hamburg bereits am Fachbesuchertag zum Netzwerken zum traditionellen Fischbrötchenempfang.

Tim Angerer von der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg und Dennis Schoubye, neuer Projektleiter von gamecity:Hamburg begrüßten zusammen mit Michael Zillmer, COO und Gründer InnoGames, zum Fischbrötchenempfang auf dem neu gestalteten 232 qm2 Gemeinschaftsstand.


„Unser diesjähriges Standkonzept mit der Kombination einer offenen Lounge-Fläche und zusätzlichen Konferenzräumen ist bei Besuchern und Ausstellern gleichermaßen gut angekommen. Wir freuen uns über das positive Feedback und eine erfolgreiche gamescom für unsere Aussteller“, so Dennis Schoubye.

InnoGames, größter Aussteller am Stand und einer der führenden Entwickler und Publisher von Browser- und Mobile Games, brachte am Dienstagabend beim Games Compass zusammen mit gamecity:Hamburg internationale Führungskräfte und Entscheider aus der deutschen Spielebranche zusammen.

Die gamescom bedeutet nicht nur für etablierte Unternehmen das Treffen mit internationalen Business-Kontakten, auch junge Unternehmen und Start-ups profitierten von wertvollen Meetings auf der Messe. So unterstützte gamecity:Hamburg zwei Nachwuchsteams, Bagpack Games und Team Octofox, und ermöglichte ihnen die Teilnahme an der Indie Arena Booth, der größten Plattform für unabhängige Indie Games mitten in der Entertainment Area in Halle 10.2.

Was für unsere Aussteller die Teilnahme an der gamescom am Gemeinschaftsstand der gamecity:Hamburg bedeutet, erklären sie im beigefügten Video.



Road to Polaris: Apply until September 29

Polaris 2022 is coming up on October 28 - 30 with a three-day program and numerous key players and artists from the fields of gaming, e-sports, cosplay, and content creation. Gamecity Hamburg provides free physical booth packages for Hamburg-based studios, publishers, teams, and devs. Apply until September 29!

New round for school internship in Hamburg-based games companies in January 2023

During the "School Internship Games" in January 2023, 9th grade school students will learn more about job prospects in the games industry in Hamburg. They get insights into the games industry at the three Hamburg-based companies InnoGames, Goodgame Studios, and FISHLABS, as well as at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg).

Heart of Muriet: Kickstarter campaign online

Update: has already managed to secure an alternative financing within days after starting the Kickstarter campaign and therefore stopped the campaign already. Congratulations to on securing funding for the further development of their game! The demo for Heart of Muriet continues to be available on Steam.

Recap: Road to gamescom 2022

In 2022, the world's largest video games trade fair, gamescom, returned to Cologne under the theme "The Heart of Pop Culture." With our support program "Road to gamescom," Gamecity Hamburg enabled six indie studios from Hamburg to present their games at the Gamecity Hamburg booth at the beloved Indie Arena Booth. 

How to: Make the most of gamescom 2022

2022 brings back the first on-site gamescom in two years. For some new members of the industry this might be their very first visit at the biggest German gaming convention and one of the most important games events worldwide, while others might appreciate a quick refresher on what's going on at gamescom. It's big, it's crazy and it's a lot of fun! Let's take a look at how you can make the most of it as a business visitor.

Photo by Suzan Azakli

Display 2022 - Let's Take a Look

At the event Display 2022, the students from the Games Master at HAW Hamburg presented the games they have been working on for the past three semesters. We were impressed by the creativity and skill showcased by the teams and want to share a glimpse of these projects with you.

Guides to the Games Industry: Interview with Khai Trung Le from

It’s time to bring another games business outlet in the spotlight! As part of our short article series on games B2B media, we are portraying major B2B outlets that are essential readings in the industry. Next up is with their editor Khai Trung Le, who gives valuable insight into the mobile games business.

Hamburg at gamescom 22: Six Hamburg Indies at the Indie Arena Booth & more

The gamescom is finally back as a live event again! Of course we'll be there, too. Six indie developers from Hamburg will present their games at our booth at the Indie Arena Booth as part of the gamescom 2022 through our "Road to gamescom" program and numerous other companies from Hamburg will be at gamescom 22 as well.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

Influencer Guide Part Two: 8 Tips to Make Influencers Fall in Love With Your Game

Influencers can be an enormous help for developers and put your game on the map. With the tight connection to their community, they can turn a game into a hit. That’s why we are taking a closer look at the influencer scene in gaming in this series. This time we’ve compiled a short guide on how to get influencers on-board for your game.

Hamburg-based studio Tiny Roar releases XEL

Hamburg-based indie game studio Tiny Roar releases their sci-fi action-adventure XEL on July 12.

Games Lift 2022: These are the five teams

​​​​​​​Five teams have convinced the Games Lift awarding committee of the promising potential of their games projects with their pitch. They will start on September 12 with a three-month workshop and mentoring program with international industry experts, 15,000 euros in financial support and places in a Hamburg co-working space. Congratulation to all teams, and we are very much looking forward to seeing your projects evolve!

Photo: Selim Sudheimer

Games Internship: Insights into Hamburg's Games Studios

We accompanied the 20 students participating in this year's 3-week school internship and saw what they had already learned and worked on during the past weeks. This time we stopped by at their first day at Deep Silver FISHLABS and got a great lesson on game design.

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