More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Gamescom 2018: Mobile-Neuheit und Game Jam bei Innogames

Auf der diesjährigen Gamescom werden wieder jede Menge Spielemacher aus der Hansestadt zu finden sein - und natürlich auch die Gamecity mit ihrem Gemeinschaftsstand. Wir fragen im Vorfeld nach den Messe-Highlights der Hamburger Unternehmen. Den Anfang macht InnoGames.

Mit 160 Millionen Euro Umsatz und 400 Mitarbeitern aus 30 Nationen ist InnoGames ein Schwergewicht der deutschen Spielebranche. Aktuell umfasst das Portfolio der Hamburger sechs Live-Titel, mehrere Mobile Games sind in der Produktion. Und die stehen in diesem Jahr auch im Fokus des Unternehmens, das seit 2009 in Köln mit dabei ist. Neben den Android- und iOS-Versionen des Browser-Aufbautitels Elvenar steht 2018 vor allem der Start des rundenbasierten Strategiespiels Warlords of Aternum auf dem Plan, das auch am Gemeinschaftsstand der Gamecity:Hamburg in Halle 3.2 spielbar sein wird.


In Halle 10.1 wird man InnoGames ebenfalls finden, als Hauptsponsor des Indie Arena Booth, wo vom 21. bis 23. August (also von Messe-Dienstag bis -Donnerstag) ein Game Jam veranstaltet wird. Am Stand gibt es einen eigenen "Jam-Raum", in dem durch vier Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter von InnoGames ein Computerspiel  entsteht, was die Besucher live verfolgen können. Bei InnoGames hat man übrigens ein Faible für das Thema und auch die nötige Expertise - seit Jahren werden von dem Unternehmen die größten Game Jams des Landes veranstaltet.

Neben dem Feedback auf Warlords of Aternum und den Game Jam freuen sich InnoGames auch in diesem Jahr auf produktive Meetings (wofür der Gamecity-Stand mit vier Konferenzräumen und Networking-Fläche hervorragend geeignet ist) und eine "grandiose Beach Party am 22. August", wie man uns auf Nachfrage mitteilt. Nicht ohne ein "Invite Only" nachzuschieben. Dann bleibt's wohl doch wieder bei Astra und Fischbrötchen…  


Photo: Selim Sudheimer

Games Internship: Insights into Hamburg's Game Studio

We accompanied the 20 students participating in this year's 3-week school internship and saw what they had already learned and worked on during the past weeks. This time we stopped by at their first day at Deep Silver FISHLABS and got a great lesson on game design.

Guides to the Games Industry: Interview with Christopher Dring from

Games business outlets: They are our guides to the business but barely guided to. Well, not anymore! In a short article series, we will be your guide to the real guides of the games industry, portraying some of the major B2B outlets that are essential readings in the industry. First up, and Christopher Dring, Head of Games B2B.

Queer Games Bundle 2022 - our Top 5

Pride Month 2022 is almost over and so is the sale period for Queer Games Bundle 2022 on After a successful premiere in 2021, the Queer Games Bundle once again presents lots and lots of games by queer game makers, aiming to support queer creators and celebrate the diversity of their games. We had a look into the bundle and share a few of our favorites from it here!

Three Questions to: RetroBrain R&D - Working on the Intersection between Gaming and Eldercare

The Hamburg-based company RetroBrain R&D is exploring the fascinating cross-section of an easy-to-use game console for the elder generation that has not come into touch with video games so often yet, while also functioning as a medical device that increases their physical and mental fitness.

Games Influencers From Hamburg You Should Know In 2022 - Influencer Guide Pt. 1

Influencers can be an enormous help for developers and gaming startups. With their help, you can put your game on the map and reach an even wider audience. But first, one must get to know the local influencer landscape so let’s have a look at five of the most successful games influencers from Hamburg.

New Feature: The Company Index

We've got a new feature on our website: The company index, listing over 200 companies from Hamburg's vast games industry landscape - check it out!

Pride and diversity: Links, tips and resources

Diversity has become a central topic for the games industry and information, attention and networking are important in this context. On the occasion of Pride Month, we collect events, resources and organizations that can be interesting for LGBTQ+ game developers, employers or allies to start digging deeper into the topic.

Games Lift: Good for you?

If things go well here, we like to keep them going. That is certainly the plan with our Games Lift Incubator. After two successful runs, preparations for the third are well underway. We are still open for teams with a strong vision and ambitious goals. But there’s only a few days left.

Three Questions to: Explorlings - makers of the child-friendly game "Sheeplings"

The Hamburg-based studio Explorlings has a special mission: developing apps for a responsible and gentle introduction of children to the world of digital devices. Lately, they released their first game "Sheeplings" - we took the opportunity to ask Bernhard Mies, CEO and founder of Explorlings a few questions.

Celebrating Pride Month

Gamecity Hamburg celebrates Pride Month June with positive examples of LGBTQ+ related games, a new Gamecity Impulse talk and more.

Games Lift Incubator - The Alumni's Experiences

The Games Lift Incubator is going into the third edition in 2022 already, so we took the opportunity to ask three alumni of the past two years about their experience with the program. These are three very different projects so we were especially curious about their impressions. You can currently apply to the 2022 edition of the Games Lift Incubator until June 14. We hope these reports on the Incubator will help you with your decision to apply.   

Prototype Funding 2022: 398,000 euros for six projects from Hamburg

In the 2022 funding round of the Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding program the awarding committee decided to fund six prototypes for digital games by Hamburg-based devs and studios with a total of 398,000 euros. Congratulations to all recipients - we are already excited to see all projects grow and take up speed!

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