More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Gamescom 2018: gamecity:Hamburg mit mehr Standfläche und vielen Fischbrötchen

Die zehnte Gamescom in Köln steht bevor - und mal wieder wird es dort einen Gemeinschaftsstand der gamecity:Hamburg geben. Und natürlich den legendären Fischbrötchenempfang!

Das Messefieber steigt: Ab diesem Wochenende macht sich die nationale und internationale Spielebranche gen Köln auf, um dort bereits zum zehnten Mal sich und ihre Produkte zu feiern. Die Gamescom 2018 findet vom 21. bis 25. August in den Hallen der Kölnmesse statt, die ersten drei Tage ist neben dem Publikumsbereich ein weitläufiges Business Center für Handel, Medien und Branchenangehörige geöffnet.

Wie in den vergangenen Jahren ist auch 2018 die gamecity:Hamburg mit einem Gemeinschaftsstand vor Ort, und mit 303 statt 266 Quadratmeter wie im Vorjahr ist dieser sogar ordentlich gewachsen. Projektmanager OIiver Redelfs und sein Team sind von Dienstag bis Donnerstag in der Business-Halle 3.2 auf Position A30/B39 anzutreffen - und natürlich jede Menge weitere Unternehmen, die in der Hansestadt ihren (bzw. einen) Sitz haben: InnoGames, Gamigo, SQS + tesbirds, Daedalic, TaylorWessing, Deutsche Telekom, Naga Virtual, Whow Games, Playa Games sowie Valve.

Aber was wäre eine Gamescom ohne den legendären Snack und Umtrunk am letzten Fachbesuchertag? Natürlich gibt es auch 2018 wieder einen Fischbrötchenempfang, am Donnerstag, den 23.8. ab 12 Uhr am Gemeinschaftsstand. Einfach kommen, essen, schnacken!

Die gamecity freut sich drei Tage lang in Köln auf Hamburg und die Welt und wünscht allen Ausstellern und Besuchern eine tolle und erfolgreiche Messe!


Road to Hamburg Games Conference 2023: Apply until January 30

For this year's Hamburg Games Conference, Gamecity Hamburg once again opens its Road to program: We offer a number of physical showcasing spot packages for Hamburg-based studios, publishers, teams, and devs. Apply until January 30!

Hamburg Games Conference: Focusing on the topic “Invest in Games” on March 1-2, 2023

The Hamburg Games Conference will return as an on-site event in a new location in Hamburg. The conference theme "Invest in Games" will shed light on current and future developments in the international games industry.

Games Lift: Team Marty aim outside the box

The heroine may seem young and hot-headed, but there is an experienced team standing behind her: Babsi Bullet is an action-packed puzzle platformer for touchscreens. Team Marty are pouring their hearts into the game – and real craftsmanship.

Games Lift: Team ACAS get along with nuts and sledgehammers

Few games look as disarming from a distance: About Cannons & Sparrows is a metroidvania that starts with a small cannon hatching from an inconspicuous egg. The seasoned animation pros of Team ACAS may not have a finished game yet, but they do have a strong vision.

Three Questions to: Soapbox Interactive, working on "Rocket Science GONE WRONG"

Soapbox Interactive aim high: With support of the Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding, they have not only been working on a multiplayer first-person shooter with new game mechanics - they are even developing their very own game engine. Now, the team is celebrating its next funding success: They have been accepted into IFB Hamburg’s "InnoRampUp" program, aimed at particularly innovative start-ups from Hamburg.

From Prototype Funding to a Publishing Deal: Tiny Roar and Daedalic Entertainment partner up for Wanderful

A partnership forged in Hamburg: after receiving 80,000 € in prototype funding for their cozy worldbuilder (then called HEXAGONE) from Gamecity Hamburg, Tiny Roar just announced the game will now go by the name Wanderful and is being published by Daedalic Entertainment! An early build also premiered at the new Polaris convention on the last weekend of October. Here's all you need to know about this upcoming indie darling from Hamburg.

Games Lift: Elin Meinecke on sowing diversity

One person is behind farming sim RPG Evergreen Garden: Elin Meinecke is solely responsible for the art and game design of her project. She brings a degree in illustration to her work in the incubator – and inspiration from her garden.

Recap: Road to Polaris 2022

The Polaris Convention, Hamburg's new community convention centered around gaming, e-sports, and Asian pop-culture, attracted around 10,000 visitors to the Hamburg exhibition halls for its first edition from October 28 to 30. Gamecity Hamburg participated with a joint booth, where we featured five indie developers from Hamburg though our Road to Polaris program, presenting their game projects to a broad audience.

Three Questions to: rose-engine - Makers of the Sci-Fi Horror Hit SIGNALIS

Yuri Stern and Barbara Wittmann have been creating games together for 8 years now, on October 27 their Hamburg-based studio rose-engine is releasing their latest game SIGNALIS. Published by Humble Games, this dark Sci-Fi horror game with its retro optic has already stirred up quite a buzz in the international gaming press. We took this opportunity to ask them about collaborating for so many years and how the match with their publisher came to be.

Games Lift: Team Metacore is up for a challenge

Their hands are full. Their goals are big. But that is no reason to fret for Team Metacore. During our conversation, finding good answers comes to them as easily as sharing a laugh. The mood might make it into their project.

Games Lift: People make the Incubator

The Games Lift Incubator can only exist because many experts support it, teach and coach in it, and keep networking in it. Over 35 veterans from all areas of the games industry are with us. We have asked them why they are doing it and what keeps them coming back.

Road to Polaris - five Hamburg indies at the convention

Polaris Convention is approaching - 3 days with numerous key players and artists from gaming, e-sports, cosplay, and content creation from October 28 -30. Through our Road to Polaris program, we present five indie developer teams and their games at our joint Gamecity Hamburg Booth and enable them to be part of the Polaris.

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